Catering Menu Suggestions For Various Kinds Of Occasions

Regardless if you are hosting a celebration yourself or getting a caterer, among the first considerations to do is develop good quality catering menu ideas to make sure that your visitors are delighted using the food that’s provided to them.

Obviously, not every food selections is going to be suitable for all occasions. If you’re getting a baby shower you might like to pick certain kinds of foods that would not be suitable for something similar to a wedding anniversary party or wedding party. Therefore, you need to choose your foods with consideration towards the event they’ll be offered at.

Catering Menu Suggestions For Different Occasions

Formal Reception

If you’re hosting some kind of formal reception just like a wedding or anniversary, you will likely wish to include appetizers plus some kind of sit-lower meal. Appetizers can vary from cheese and crackers to bacon wrapped scallops for the way formal the big event is and how much cash you need to spend.

Your food might be offered or buffet style. In either case, make certain you’ve got a selection of beef and chicken in addition to plenty for that vegetarians within the crowd. Remember salad and dinner rolls and, obviously, desert!


Switching gears in the formal towards the informal, a BBQ calls for an entire different choice of catering menu ideas than the usual reception. Barbecue’s are relaxing and fun with individuals milling about so that they are ideal for buffet style eating. Just fall into line some tables and pile the meals on platters and warming trays. Perfect foods include, BBQ Ribs, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, corn around the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad and fruit salad.

Backyard Party

A large backyard party could be a fun summer time event and, while these may vary from promising small to large in dimensions, you need to stay with similar foods while you would serve in a Barbecue. A sit-lower meal that’s offered by wait staff really is not simple for outside parties so it is best to setup some tables for buffet style dining. If you do not want the conventional barbecue fare, you very well may can consist of chili, pork or roast setup in a carving station, pasta and so forth.


Catering menu suggestions for cocktail parties really are a bit different because these aren’t sit-lower matters. Cocktail parties are usually pretty mobile using the party go-ers standing and getting around, would you like to choose foods that are not too untidy and are simple to take with you. Something that may be speared on the toothpick and will not drip sauce on your new party dress is good. Obviously, the conventional cheese, crackers and grapes is effective however, you most likely wish to have another appetizers too so that your visitors do not get bored.


A baby shower is another kind of event that does not really require a sit lower meal. Actually, shower food ought to be “light” foods like finger sandwiches and such things as potato and macaroni salad. People prefer to nibble at showers also keep in mind the deserts as individuals are key!

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